Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fourth of July Parade

The kids had an awesome time at the fourth of July parade! They made a little friend, Morgan... she and Hayley were the same age.
The kids made us laugh the way they would bound into the street to get thier candy.
Ethan would stand at the curb holding his hand out toward the cars and trucks that were passing saying "pleeese, candy." It was so adorable! When he'd see that they threw candy he would go out and get just one, run back to the curb, unwrap it and just stand there chewing it. He didn't go out to get any more than just his one, till he swallowed it.
I would call Ethan's name to look at the camera and he'd say "CHEEEESE," without looking at the camera once................

They loved the fire trucks... especially when they would show off their horns. When the band came marching by Ethan started dancing and clapping his hands... munching his tootsie rolls.


Sweet Faces

Bobsi Twins


Fun at the Park

Tonight at the park we had a couple of posers.

Nice Evening


TJ, Mike (Birthday Boy), and Little Mikie


Best Times

Brayden, Thomas, Skylar, Delaney, & Hayley
(East Coast Russell's)

Sweet Cousins

Delaney and Hayley

Good Morning.... Uncle Tom and Aunt Deneen's.

Just the kidos

All Because Two People Fell in Love.....

Ethan, my Grandma & Grandpa, Matthew, Brayden, Patrick, Katie, Hayley,
Hayley, Skylar and Paige....(only some of the great grandkids)

Lovely People

TJ, Mikie, and Grandma
(Mikie is such a sweetheart!)

Amos Moses

Here's a cool picture of Amos I found, it's last summer when Doug and I had him at James and Erin's house in Garden City. It was a pretty HOT day.... so he took over the kiddie pool.

Sun Bathing

.....Chillin' at Uncle Tom and Aunt DeDe's neighborhood pool.....

Cutie Pies

I thought this was an awfully attractive picture and thought I'd share.... lol

Hold You

When Ethan wants me to hold him he has been putting his arms out and telling me "I hold you." I'm sure that's pretty normal for little guys but it breaks my heart when Ethan says it, it's so sweet.
He's been really enjoying his time with his cousins. I think he'll enjoy it when he's got siblings to play with.


Classic bath time picture....

I've been wantimg to share this one for a while.


Brayden calls bugs "little buddies." So Ethan's running
around looking for "buddies," a new word for him.
Bugs are an obsession for Brayden, a good obsession for boys.
He's rubbing off onto Ethan. It's pretty cute to watch!
Ethan hasn't only been calling bugs 'buddy,' but also his cousins.
As they all call him "little buddy" too.
I love it!

Cutie Boy

Ethan has been plugging his ears with his
fingers and making noises just to hear himself.
.....Just a new thing he's been doing. 'Cause he saw his cousin
Skylar doin' it. :-) Kids crack me up!

Havin' Fun..... a park not far from James' new house.

They are having a blast!!

Welton Park

Playing at Welton Park here in Petersburg, WV

We're in WV

Ethan and I have been in West Virginia for about a week now. The mountains are so beautiful! Like giant rolling hills. I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!!! lol

Here are some pics I took on our drive to Harrisonburg, VA. :-)