Monday, December 7, 2009

This photo was taken when we all got together at mom's house for a party with our church family... mom promised the kids from church a picnic, we had a great time!

lol if you can see this picture, Joe posed for his shot hehehe

Monday, March 2, 2009

Kisses and Butterflies

Ethan and I took a nap together Sunday. When he woke up he came around to my side of the bed and kissed my forehead twice he said "I love you, K?" before he left the room, it was so sweet. My adorable baby gives my tummy butterflies... lol

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow Baby

As I said today was our first snow day.... Ever since Ethan woke up this morning he's been looking out the windows saying "Snowman!" He was also trying to get me to get his shoes and jacket on him (and this was just out of bed in his pajamas)... Well, he finally got to go out in it today... after the last of our kidos left. He had a blast as you can see! He didn't have proper gloves so when his make-shift sock glove got to heavy for his little hand to hold onto, I had the hardest time getting my little snow angel inside.... he was pretty upset about it.
p.s. I have no idea where he learned to make snow angels.... he just plopped down and started at it.

Christmas Time Is Here....

Here's our Christmas Tree! :-)

We were afraid it would be too tall for our ceiling in this house, but it fits... and I even got our beautiful angel on top by bending and pushing a little. lol

I love out tree every year. It is so beautiful to me. Doug loves it too. I've loved having parents and grandparents come into my home for their babies and comment how lovely it is. It'd like to add a little more to it this year... I need to make a trip to hobby lobby if anybody is going anytime soon ;-)....

We Added an E... for Ethan to the tree... Doug and I acctually like it better than our M and D. Just because it has black inlay on it. It's Beautiful....

New curtains....

I am in love with them! They are made by Waverly, I bought them at Target. I only have one panel on each window in the living room, but I think it works out fine for now, sinse we have such narrow windows. They go well with my decor. So... I'm pretty excited about them. I love waking up to them every morning. It's funny how little changes like this make home a more pleasant place to be.

Christmas wreath

My mom made me a wreath with things from our wedding on it... It has white heather and berries on it from our wedding. It's so pretty... I added some poiensettas to the bottom, my singing angels and my star in the center I think it looks really good.

We had our first snow of the year today.... so when all my babies came this morning we made snowmen papers. They turned out SO adoreable I thought I'd share them...... my sweet little artists.... I love it. It looks so cute on my wall!